Host An Event


SOAR is very grateful when members and friends offer to host fundraising events to help in our mission of providing a lifeline for all rescue animals and rescue organizations.  These events help to provide so much for so many – people, pets and animals, and rescues – in need. 

Hosting an on-line fundraiser

We would love to have the opportunity to discuss how you can do an online fundraiser to help animals in need and to let your friends and family know how dedicated and passionate you are about this cause. Linking a celebration such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary can generate awareness and needed funds.

If you would like to have an on line fundraiser and designate SOAR as your “charity” of choice please contact SOAR at (727) 318-2377 or by email at: .

Suggestions for success:

  • State your problem or concern and explain how SOAR assists in this area.
    Include an emotional component. Let your audience know why you were moved to get involved and why they should too!
  • Tell your donors how they are part of the solution. Let them know how far $20, $50, $100 can go in improving the lives of these animals in need and our precious sea life.
    Don’t forget to add some facts about SOAR itself such as who we are and our mission, we will be happy to provide you with literature to hand out to your donors or to post on line.

Hosting an event in your area

SOAR would be happy to advise you on what is most needed. Our wish list of needed items and supplies, as well as specific amounts of money needed to fund current and future projects, can be discussed.

When possible, SOAR will send a representative to speak to your attendees and to bring SOAR literature to help your fundraiser. We would love to be able to attend “all” fundraisers, but cannot always do so based on availability or location (especially out of state fundraisers).

We will do everything possible to make your fundraiser, on our behalf, a huge success and please know we are truly grateful for your efforts.

If you would be interested in hosting an event at your home or a designated location, please call SOAR at (727) 318-2377 or by email .

SOAR greatly appreciates the compassion and generosity of our faithful followers and their desire to help animals in need.